Hi Everyone, So I told myself about seven months ago that I should post some of these.  Some of you may even remember a quick photo that I posted from this set back in May or so.  Yup, photographers are really bad about posting their own stuff or at least I am. Don’t even […]

Meet my husband and his mother, Blynda, aka my mother-in-law or  in her own words, Udder Mudder. She came out to visit us in October and Donnie and I had been dying to take a trip to Temecula, so we made it happen. I love this fun, crazy woman dearly and I heart how much […]

Hi guys, So a couple weeks ago I was talking on the phone with one of my upcoming clients, Roxanne, whom I haven’t even met yet but I feel like I already know her. We started talking about different day trips you can take in the San Diego Area and Julian, a small town known […]

  Last month my husband, Donnie, and three of my girlfriends (Alison, Chrissy and Abbey) and I travelled up to the Sonoma/Napa Valley Area. We stayed in the most awesome house near Occidental.  I mean it was unbelievably beautiful with just the landscape alone! It actually made me sad that in the future I wouldn’t […]

Hi Everyone, It’s been awhile, but I’m getting back into the swing of things! Donnie and I recently relocated to San Diego from Phoenix and we just couldn’t wait to take a trip up the coast! So we planned one that began just three days after my arrival.  You may say I am a little […]

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