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So I thought for quite some time on what my first blog post should be.  I wondered should it be a favorite photo from a recent shoot or maybe some talk on my new business cards (which I am super excited about!).  Then I said, “Wow, I am thinking way too much about this! Really.” I hear this is not uncommon among fellow photographers! 🙂

So here it is.  I recently went to a get together based around how to ‘brand’ yourself, hosted by my friend, Alejandra.  This is something, to be honest, I have done an awful job at in the past.  Each person, photographers and non-photographers, wrote down a few different words to describe each photographers’ work.  I thought this was great because it gave you different opinions on how your fellow photographers perceive your work, as well as potential clients.

I was ecstatic about my results! People wrote down modern, detailed, lively, impactful, photojournalistic, etc.  Wow! This made me super happy! This is was exactly how I want my photos to be seen.  But this post isn’t about me trying to gloat!

There was one problem.  My brand, how portrayed myself as a photographer and photojournalist, reflected none of those adjectives. Uh, big problem!

My site was outdated.  I hated my logo.  I had no brand. The worst part was that I hadn’t been doing anything to change that. I felt so self-conscious that I became stagnate.

I held on to these cards for some time, promising myself I would somehow make use of them.  I knew I wanted to change my brand, but I had previously ‘jumped the gun’ on my website and logo just to get it out there, so this time it was crucial that I think long and hard about where I wanted to take myself.

I eventually disassociated myself with my previous website that I ran poorly and felt a lack of control. I finally bought a new domain, hosting, got some help with a new logo, invested in some business cards, made a Facebook page, started reading some great photo and design blogs and bought a simple site that displayed my photos the way I wanted them. Doing just these little things, really helped fuel my momentum to keep moving with this.

Although I am coming to the end of this post, I am aware that this is still the beginning of creating my brand.  I have so much to learn in regard to marketing, packaging, myself and just in general on making my passion a successful business . I am happy that I have a base I am so thankful for the get-together that gave me a second spark.

Thanks for reading this! I can’t wait to see how all of this will play out.


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